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RBCS Sport

Through sport, we instill valuable life skills such as discipline,

perseverance, and respect for others

At Richard Bay Christian School, we firmly believe that every pupil should have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports from an early age. Our aim is to cultivate a love for physical activity and healthy competition in each student. To achieve this, we focus on providing competitive teams that can proudly represent our school in the Zululand community.


Our academic staff are actively involved in coaching our pupils, ensuring they build relationships with the pupils both inside and outside the classroom. While we value winning, we equally prioritise skill development, sportsmanship, and the importance of teamwork. Through sport, we instill valuable life skills such as discipline, perseverance, and respect for others. We strive to create a sporting environment where pupils discover their strengths, build character, and form lasting bonds with their teammates, enriching their overall school experience.

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At RBCS, we offer hockey for Grade 1 to Grade 3 students, while intermediate phase and high school students have exciting opportunities to participate at the provincial level. 

Over the years, our players have qualified for the esteemed North Coastal and KZN Country District teams. In 2023, we proudly had more than 10 students from both high school and primary school make it to the prestigious KZN touring teams. 

Our hockey season runs for the duration of the second term for all our students from u/7 to u/12.



Welcome to the world of swimming at RBCS! Here, we take pride in providing learners with the opportunity to learn how to enhance their water confidence. Our swimming program focuses on nurturing skills and instilling a sense of confidence in the water. We believe that swimming is not just a sport but a crucial life skill. 

Our commitment to swimming excellence is evident in our participation in galas against other schools. These competitions provide a platform for our swimmers to showcase their talent and sportsmanship. Moreover, we are proud to have provincial swimmers who have achieved junior South African levels in their swimming journey. 

Join us as we dive into the world of swimming, fostering a love for the water and helping our learners reach new heights in their aquatic endeavours!



In the exciting third term, we bring you an array of track and field events as part of our athletics program. Alongside these events, we also engage in cross country competitions held at various schools in and around Richards Bay. 

Participating in our athletics program not only provides an avenue for students to showcase their athletic talents but also opens doors to opportunities for qualifying in Northern Coastal teams through local events. 

Our Athletics Program is designed to provide a comprehensive range of events, allowing students of all ages to explore their athletic abilities and excel in their chosen disciplines. Whether it's on the track or in the field, our students have the opportunity to showcase their talents and compete at their best in our inter-house events as well as interschool events!



Witness the rise of our basketball team at Richards Bay Christian School! In just a year, we've toured Ballito and Eshowe, competing valiantly against other schools. Our learners' outstanding skills earned them spots in the local academy and Mhlathuze first rounds, showcasing their talent. 

Our sports program has unleashed leadership potential, transforming students into confident athletes. With our school & Coach’s guidance, we are poised for even greater success. 

Join our inspiring journey of excellence, teamwork, and sportsmanship as we create a legacy of achievement. The future is bright, and our young athletes are destined to shine! 

We currently have Basketball available to the High school only, but we hope to expand this in the future to include some of our younger students.

Basketball runs during the first and the last term of the year.



At RBCS together with hockey, netball is a prominent sport from u/7 to u/18, actively played during Term 2. Our teams have the chance to showcase their skills in interschool matches against various schools. 

Moreover, for our intermediate phase and high school students, there are exciting opportunities to qualify for the prestigious Northern Coastal and King Cetshwayo netball teams. 

Representing these teams is a testament to their talent and dedication, and it opens doors to regional and higher-level competitions. We are committed to nurturing a love for netball and helping our players reach their fullest potential both on and off the court.



Cricket is a gentleman's game. Played with good spirit but yet very competitive. 

We have cricket from u/7 all the way to u/18. The girls who want to play are welcomed with open arms into the boys teams as well.



We play 7's rugby that is a fast paced game needing high fitness levels. These games are sure to be action packed. 

Rugby at RBCS is currently only on offer for our high school students.

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Soccer as a sport has grown in popularity world wide and it is no different here at RBCS. Interest in soccer has grown amongst both the boys and the girls and ranks as one of our most loved sports. 

We offer soccer to boys and girls form u/7 to u/18.

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